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As a society we are drowning in debt. As a consequence, unemployment, poverty and inequality are rising.

Welfare benefits, health care and community services are being cut in order to divert money to debt repayment.

But are we being told the whole truth about debt? Is there a hidden story behind the headlines about the economic crisis?

To understand debt you must first understand money - very few people today truly understand modern money or how the mechanics of the monetary system affect society. 

Lets de-mystify the unseen dynamics that drive our economy - so that we can demand change and have a system of money that serves the public interest - so we can have Money Without Debt.  

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video tour

 Watch six short videos that outline:

(a) How our money is created as debt

(b) The problems with the existing monetary system

c) How we came to use debt money in the modern economy.

(d) why economists don't understand money creation

e) Why politicians ignore the problems of modern money

(f) How we could fix our broken monetary system.


Or watch this ten minute summary.

If you don't have time today for our video tour of money - then watch this short ten minute video instead.

Of course we can't outline all the complex financial systems in detail - but the problems of modern money are quite simple - whatever economists and pundits say.

Our place in society doesn't depend shrouding the money system in needless mysticism and confusing language - we can just tell it like it is.